Is Alcantara Good for Steering Wheel?

Is Alcantara steering wheel good.

Are you planning on buying or already bought a car fitted with an Alcantara steering wheel? Are you wondering if Alcantara is good for the steering wheel? Stick with me and let’s see if I can put your mind at ease.

Alcantara is great value for your money when it comes to the material used for the steering wheel. Among a tonne of reasons, Alcantara steering wheels offer good grip action, are less likely to get stained from greasy fingers, and more so, easier to clean once dirty.

In addition, Alcantara steering wheels are durable, adapt to different weather conditions, while still adding class and style to your vehicle.

Also, if you want some added thickness to your steering wheel, Alcantara covers are the way to go.

Again, who doesn’t like to be spoilt for choice? Alcantara steering wheel covers come in such a wide range of colors it would likely be difficult to choose which color you want.

This last point is for all the animal lovers and activists out there: Alcantara steering wheels are animal-free. No animals were harmed in their making!

The Pros of Alcantara Steering Wheel Covers

1. Offer good grip action

Alcantara steering wheels are made from fine, soft fibers that are woven tightly together, creating a smooth surface for your hand to glide over while driving. Therefore, even if you have sweaty palms, arthritis, or usually experience hand fatigue when driving, the Alcantara steering wheel is the best fit for you.

Having a good grip of your steering wheel then translates into easier driving maneuverability and safety.

2. Less likely to get stained and easy to clean

Another benefit of Alcantara steering wheels is that they are less likely to get dirty, especially from oily or greasy fingers. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the fact that, even if the Alcantara steering wheel gets stained, it is easier to clean using simple cleaning techniques because of its fabric composition.

Alcantara fabric is mostly made of polyester, which makes it more resistant to stains. Regularly using a wet towel to clean your Alcantara steering wheel is pretty much all you have to do to keep it looking good. Even when it gets stained, using very basic cleaning techniques can get rid of the stain. For tougher stains, you can buy Alcantara-specific cleaning solutions to handle those.

3. Durability

In all my years on earth, I am yet to meet someone who enjoys buying one particular item over and over again after they realize it does not last. If you are looking to buy an Alcantara steering wheel cover, be rest assured it is durable.

Alcantara steering wheels remain in top condition for a prolonged period of time. Though Alcantara is somewhat like suede leather, it does not deteriorate like the way suede does over time. Alcantara is even highly resistant to harmful UV rays which may cause quick damage to say leather steering wheel covers.

It is, therefore, safe to say, that Alcantara’s steering wheels age gracefully.

4. Adapt to different weather conditions

Another reason why you should choose an Alcantara steering wheel is that it adapts to different weather conditions. Alcantara is resistant to moisture and heat and this helps when you live in areas with high humidity or extreme temperatures. 

Because of this feature, Alcantara is also less likely to warp, melt or discolor even after prolonged use.

On the other hand, Alcantara steering wheels do well in cold climates as they do not get too cold and still give you a pleasurable driving experience even during the cold weather.

Consequently, Alcantara is cool to touch when it is hot and warm to touch when it is cold.

5. Increase thickness of steering wheel

Alcantara fabric has a uni-directional stretch for use on the steering wheel and is approximately 1.2 mm thick. This implies that if your vehicle came with a thinner or much slender steering wheel, an Alcantara steering wheel cover can give it some “body”. This will also, in turn, give you a better grip on the steering wheel, making you enjoy your drives even more.

6. Add style and class to your vehicle

Let us assume your vehicle did not come with an Alcantara steering wheel: Customizing your vehicle with an Alcantara steering wheel cover, simply adds class and style to it because of its sleek look and feel. Alcantara is without a doubt, luxurious.

7. Are available in a wide range of colors

I don’t know about you but it is a great feeling to be spoilt for choice. With numerous colours to choose from, Alcantara ensures that you highly likely get the colour that you love. So just in case the car’s original Alcantara steering wheel colour is not one that you like, you are at liberty to choose any colour. 

8. Animal-free

Like I mentioned in my opening statements, there was no harm done to any animal while making Alcantara steering wheels. The Alcantara fabric does not contain any animal-based components, making it a more sustainable choice.

The Cons of Alcantara steering wheel cover

1. Alcantara is expensive

Compared to other materials used for steering wheels, Alcantara is on the expensive side. This means that the Alcantara steering wheel comes fitted in more expensive models of cars. 

If you ask me, it is worth the price though.

2. Alcantara cannot be fixed once damaged

Yes! I said it is durable but that does not make it everlasting. That being said, once your Alcantara steering wheel is damaged, you cannot repair it. It will be time to ditch it and get a new one.

What you can thus do is to get a less expensive or cheaper steering wheel cover to protect your Alcantara steering wheel “for life”. 


In conclusion, I will highly recommend an Alcantara steering wheel because aside its look and feel, you get your money’s worth as it lasts long.

Alcantara does not stain easily and once stained, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Also, if you are all about protecting animals, Alcantara is your best and sustainable choice.

So, go ahead and enjoy your Alcantara steering wheel! 

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